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Auto Glass Repair in Vaughan, Woodbridge and Maple

When you own a vehicle, one thing you should know is that maintenance for the windshield is inevitable, that means auto glass repair in Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Maple is a must when trouble visits your vehicle. The only one-stop auto glass repair shop you can trust is MRM Auto Glass to satisfy your needs for a crack repair or a complete replacement of a damaged windshield.

Auto glass repair in Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Maple can be done by our company when you are on the road and we offer emergency service 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We are there when you need us, who else can say that? Before you make any decisions that can affect your road safety, know that a crack, no matter how small can be a clear and present danger for safety when operating your vehicle.

Your windshield, if you weren’t aware is a stabilizing force for the front-end of your car, when the integrity is affected by a crack or break, that structural integrity is vastly reduced. We aren’t saying your car can become a death trap, but it turns into a confluence of events when you can’t see the road clearly through a damaged windshield. When you operate your car with a problem windshield, you could be fined for transgressing provincial regulations governing vehicle safety.

  • Professional installation and or repair of your damaged windshield
  • A high-quality product that will improve and increase your visibility
  • Craftsmanship – we use the best adhesives available to create a seal that won’t rupture, it will keep the weather under control in the cockpit of the vehicle
  • Your new windshield will shield you from fines that can come from operating a vehicle without 100 percent visibility.

To understand why you need a windshield repair or replacement, you need to understand how the damage affects your vehicle. Some cracks can be repaired, but and isn’t there always a but, the location and the size of the crack can be contributing factors to the determination our service technician will make when assessing your problems. Auto glass repair in Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Maple by our company at MRM Auto Glass will see some of the most qualified experts in the Greater Toronto Area working on your vehicle. Years of experience that breeds the kind of expertise money can’t buy is just the beginning, OEM parts and top-flight materials are another part of what we do better than the rest, then our customer service that is second to none is what should tip the scales when choosing a company to repair your vehicle. We can repair cracks that are smaller than a five-dollar bill – and in some cases, technology will help us repair bigger cracks, but and there’s the but, it depends where. Repairing a windshield where we can be and replacing it where we can’t is the position our service techs work from.


What happens if I sustain a crack or break my windshield while I’m on the road?

Better to be safe, not sorry, and at MRM Auto Glass, we encourage you to call us at the first sign of trouble when you need auto glass repair in Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Maple. Our mobile service vehicle will meet you on the road and provide whatever service you need to get back to your daily commute or trip to where ever you are going.

Do you stand behind your work?

An auto glass repair in Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Maple is covered by one of the most comprehensive warranties in our industry when the work is done at our shop MRM Auto Glass. The warranty is for life, that’s right life – it covers manufacturer’s defects, leaks, and poor workmanship.

Do you have my windshield in stock?

We have the largest inventory of windshields in the GTA, Make or model of your vehicle doesn’t matter, we have it and if we don’t we can get it in the blink of an eye

Do you have competitive pricing?

At MRM Auto Glass, when you need an auto glass repair, you will be pleasantly surprised to know we GUARANTEE the lowest price in the GTA. We work with all the big glass manufacturers to get the best price we pass the savings along to our customers

Who pays the deductible?

When you deal with us at MRM Auto Glass for your auto glass repair, you can count on us to absorb the cost of the deductible for the work we do on your windshield.


When you have a damaged windshield that needs a repair or replacement there is only one place to turn and that is to us at MRM Auto Glass. We have repaired and replaced countless windshields with our comprehensive approach to your needs. We will get you back on the road with a safe reliable windshield that provides excellent visibility that will provide safe, secure operation of your vehicle that protects others on the road as well as you and your passengers. If you’re stuck on the road with problems, call us and we will come immediately. If your problems are smaller, and you can come to our shop for a free estimate and consultation, don’t hesitate to make the connection. To book an appointment for a free estimate and review of vehicle’s safety or discuss your auto glass repair in Vaughan, Woodbridge, and Maple, call us today toll-free at 1.844.868.9399.


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