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Auto Glass Repair in Barrie - Trust MRM Auto Glass 

For auto glass repair in Barrie, local residents can depend on the experts at MRM Auto Glass for quality service. We can even offer a special 24/7 mobile repair service at no extra cost. At MRM Auto Glass, our people have the equipment and expertise to service all vehicle makes and models.

24/7 Auto glass repair service and we come to you, to make repairs 

Today, there’s no need to neglect those nasty stone chips or window cracks, and with MRM the work can be done immediately. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on every install – with extensive coverage that includes manufacturer-related defects and other repair and replacement issues.

MRM Auto Glass is well respected in Barrie and throughout Simcoe County. We service clients from Vaughan to Aurora, and Richmond Hill to Thornhill. As a rule, we encourage clients to make repairs immediately - even a small crack or minor chip can get dramatically worse very quickly.

Local customers looking for auto glass repair in Barrie will find an expert team of glass repair specialists at MRM Auto Glass. For those who require a replacement windshield, the technical team ensures a comprehensive installation that is quick and easy, and without added stress.

auto glass repair barrie red car cracked windshieldMRM is a one-stop shop for auto glass repair in Barrie.

In fact, our service goes well beyond the repair/replacement of auto glass.  We provide our customers with a comprehensive approach.

  • we deal directly with the major insurance companies
  • we pay up to 100% of your deductible amount
  • we provide customers a life time installation warranty
  • we repair and restore any type of window crack/chip
  • we offer the most competitive prices in the business
  • we can repair or replace any type of vehicle windows

How much does it cost to repair a windshield in Barrie?

         The cost of repairing a windshield can vary depending on your vehicle type and whether the windshield can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced. At MRM Auto Glass in Barrie, our expert team can help you efficiently repair your windshield in a cost-effective manner. If you are trying to determine how much it will cost to repair your windshield, call us at 905-868-9399 and our team can help you assess the damage and provide you with a cost estimate for the repairs. Our team will provide you with a free quote to allow you plan accordingly for your repair or replacement. We are so confident in our repair and replacement services that we even offer a lowest price guarantee!

How long do I have to wait after auto glass repair to drive?

         Following auto glass repair on your vehicle, it’s important that you wait 2-3 hours before driving to ensure no subsequent damage occurs. This provides enough time for the adhesive and repair material to dry and solidify the repairs. If you want to learn more about the steps to repair your windshield, the team at MRM Auto Glass in Barrie can help.


What size windshield crack can be repaired?

         If you’ve experienced damage to your windshield, it’s possible that it can be repaired. As we are driving, it’s common for rocks or other hard objects to hit the windshield and cause scratches, chips or cracks. However, you must consider the size, depth, and location of the windshield damage in order to determine if it can in fact be repaired. In general, a crack that is two inches or less can be repaired, but this is not always the case. Our expert team at MRM Auto Glass in Barrie can help you determine whether your windshield damage can be repaired, and if not, we can also provide you with a swift and cost-effective replacement windshield to ensure your vehicle is safe to continue driving. Our team can also provide services to repair or replace any other window in your car as well, so even if the crack is in a back or side mirror, talk to our experts.

Does insurance cover auto glass repairs?

         Yes, for almost all car insurance policies, windshield repairs and replacements are partially if not fully covered. For most insurance companies, your repair or replacement will be fully or partially covered whether the damage was caused by an accident or debris. Our customer service team can help you communicate with your insurance provider about the extent of the damage and the services required to make your vehicle safe again.  Our team is dedicated to our clients and are willing to pay up to 100% of your deductible if the work will be covered by insurance. Call our trusted team of experts in Barrie at 905-868-9399 to get started with your repair or replacement service.

MRM Auto Glass provides reliable auto glass repair in Barrie

MRM Auto Glass will make every effort to repair damaged glass before complete replacement. We handle any type of auto glass and service all makes and models. In Barrie, our customers depend on us for various services

  • broken glass
  • cracked glass
  • chipped glass
  • scratched glass

When the scope of glass damage makes complete replacement necessary, MRM installs a quality glass product, and provides an installation warranty. Our people do it right, regardless of the window damage. For auto glass repair in Barrie, customers depend on MRM for high quality.

Whether it’s an emergency or not, customers in the Barrie area can call MRM Auto Glass directly at 905-868-9399. We also have a convenient online Quotation Form that allows our people to price a job. Just fill out the form and a qualified team member will be in touch with a price quote.

At MRM, customers can be sure of getting the most cost-effective glass repair or replacement. We do an assessment of the vehicle type, the amount of damage, and the location of the window, and then provide a competitive estimate and a convenient installation time. We do our best to satisfy client schedules, and accommodate special needs. Find out more about our auto glass services by visiting the company’s website at

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