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For Auto Glass Repair in Markham, Contact MRM

Did a stone chip your windshield? Did you approach your car only to find cracked glass?

Get high-quality auto glass repair in Markham promptly. 


With Markham being only one of the many cities that we serve throughout the GTA, we can even come to your location at a time that’s most convenient for you with our mobile windshield repair service.

If you get into an accident, get a rock chip, or damage your vehicle’s glass in any other way, be sure to contact MRM for immediate repair of your auto glass. Damaged windshield is not a minor inconvenience – it is a real danger for you and other people on the road. Luckily, MRM has got you covered with guaranteed professional auto glass repair 24/7. Our experts are able to service any vehicle model and stand behind their work with a Lifetime Warranty.

What is the Process for Auto Glass Repair in Markham?

Whether your windshield is shattered or cracked, the auto glass experts from MRM will assess the situation and recommend the service that suits your needs best – either auto glass repair or replacement. Our professionals are highly competent and make sure every customer receives top-notch service, from the first damage inspection to the final installation:

  • We take care of any kind of cracks and chips
  • Whenever possible, we choose auto glass repair in Markham over any replacement
  • If required, we do replace windshields
  • We deal with your insurance company ourselves
  • up to 100% insurance deductibles are covered by us
  • We offer competitive prices for all the services
  • For any installation, you receive a Lifetime Warranty


Why Repair Auto Glass in Markham Fast

When you need to get on the road, whether you’re heading to work, school pick-up, or a special event, it can be tempting to leave auto glass repair in Markham to deal with at a later time. But broken windows and chipped windshields require repair or replacement sooner rather than later. 

Cracks in the windshield can serve as a hazard, impairing the vision of the road. When you choose MRM Auto Glass in Markham, you can count on timely and high-quality repairs that get you behind the wheel of your vehicle and back to your life. 

When cracks are not addressed promptly with auto glass crack or windshield chip repair, they can grow, compromising more and more of the windshield. 

Put Safety First: Get Auto Glass Repair Now.

How Much Does it Cost for Auto Glass Repair?

The cost of auto glass repairs depends directly on the scope of damage. Window glass damage doesn’t always require full replacement, but it’s best to get an inspection and assessment from a professional. At General Auto Glass, you can even get a quote online.

General Auto Glass will recommend repairs whenever possible – this could be a valuable option when trying to avoid windshield replacement cost. For an accurate price quote, you can fill out our convenient quotation form.

What Causes Windshield Chips or Cracks?

Cracks and windshield chips are common nuisances that can be caused by various reasons. Some reasons drivers in the Greater Toronto Area require windshield repair include the following: 

  • Stone chips 
  • Windshield pitting 
  • Wiper damage 
  • Projectiles & physical damage 
  • Humidity & temperature fluctuations 

When an accident occurs, reach out to MRM Auto Glass, and we’ll get you the necessary repairs. 

All Your Auto Glass Repair Needs Near Markham

There is no one-size-fits-all windshield repair method—our team supplies high-quality Aftermarket auto glass in Markham as well as OEM where possible. At MRM Auto Glass, we also provide specialty luxury repair glasses for cars with features such as sensors and heat control. 


Technicians at MRM Auto Glass are Professional & Efficient

When possible, our skilled technicians will make every effort to repair the window damage rather than replace the entire glass. Even if complete replacement is needed, we install the best quality products. In case of an emergency, MRM Auto Glass offers a quick and convenient mobile auto glass repair in Markham with MRM installers coming to the rescue whenever is most convenient for you, and wherever is most convenient for you – whether it is your home, office, or right on the road. In many cases, we are able to offer 24/7 mobile repair service.

We service a broad range of vehicle makes and models: Porsche and Saab, Chrysler and General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen, Hummer and Mini Cooper, Lexus and Volvo, and many, many more! With MRM, you can rest assured that our technicians will recommend the best option that will suit your vehicle’s needs.

Advantages of Auto Glass Repair

Even the smallest chip or crack can eventually turn into a long crack under fluctuating weather conditions and road vibrations. In order to prevent this and avoid the inconvenience and expense of a full windshield replacement, it is important to repair even the smallest auto glass cracks and chips as soon as possible.

Your windshield is a big part of a vehicle’s safety system. When you contact MRM for auto glass repair in Markham, we will:

  • Restore the windshield’s structural integrity
  • Increase the optical clarity of the glass
  • Save you money, or save your insurance company money
  • Save your time
  • Provide clear and efficient assistance with insurance claims
  • Perform required services within the same day

At MRM, we take care of all the insurance paperwork, help you with setting up a claim, and bill your insurance company directly. We are approved to work with all insurance companies out there, so contact us to get a hassle-free service.

Can I Replace my own Windshield?

Today, with the internet and online shopping, vehicle windshield replacement can easily become a DIY project. You can detach and attach and insert and separate and remove. But the bigger question is why not do it with experts who have experience and expertise?

Whether it’s windshield chip repair or complete windshield replacement, this work is best left to professionals. At General Auto Glass, our in-house glass experts will assess the damage and recommend if repairs or replacement is the proper course of action.

We Can Do Windshield Replacement as Well!

We encourage our clients to make auto glass repairs quickly, and we try to avoid windshield replacement wherever possible. However, in case a complete windshield replacement is needed, we offer affordable and reliable auto glass replacement services as well.

If you need a complete new windshield, highly skilled MRM crews can do it easily and timely, without placing any additional stress on you.

For windshield replacement, we prefer to use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass, such as Ford Carlite, PPG, or Pilkington, but you could also choose to use aftermarket glass. Both OEM and non-OEM glass installed by MRM specialists complies with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. However, OEM will have the exact appearance of your original windshield and will fit the windshield frame perfectly, minimizing the risk of leakage or noise problems arising in the future.

Our specialists understand the specifics for windshield installation for any vehicle manufacturer and follow them meticulously. This includes the required preparation of the glass and the vehicle body, and, of course, the use of appropriate priming materials and adhesives.

At MRM Auto Glass, we approach our work as more than simple repair or replacement - we put great emphasis on training our specialists to assure premium-level quality and safety.

Can a New Windshield Get Wet?

A new windshield, when professionally installed, should not leak or allow water to seep through. Window glass professionals install manufacturer-approved windshields, each of which is designed to fit a vehicle perfectly. They also use high quality adhesives and sealants to ensure the best possible fit, once everything is installed. While many shops offer quick turnaround time, a new windshield installation still needs time to dry. All things considered, its best to wait 24 hours, after which time its possible to drive under any conditions – the new windshield can get wet or even be exposed to snow and ice. The same timing would apply when going to a car wash.

With a new windshield it’s better to be safe. The high water pressure common in a car wash could potentially affect the freshly installed moldings – there’s no reason to take a chance. If a quick wash is really needed, then a hand wash should be adequate. As for rainwater, this should not be an issue with a newly installed window. From the assessment to the installation, the best option with damaged vehicle glass is to choose a professional service. If you’re currently looking for auto glass repair in Toronto or auto glass repair in Vaughan, the professionals at General Auto Glass can service your city as well. Best of all, with a brand new windshield, all work is company guaranteed.

Count on MRM for All Your Auto Glass Needs in Markham

At MRM, we encourage our clients to take immediate action in case of car window damage – this will prevent the chip or crack from spreading further and reduce any additional repair costs. With MRM Auto Glass, your auto glass repair in Markham is one easy Online Quotation Form away. It is a simple way to receive an accurate price quote, depending on vehicle model, amount of damage, and location of the window.

For emergency glass repair or replacement, consider our Mobile Auto Repair Shop to minimize your stress. Our skilled technician will come to your location and perform required repairs.


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