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Windshield Protection Tips to Avoid Expensive Repairs

Posted in Windshield Repair, on March 16, 2020

Windshield glass is designed for vehicles – it’s specially manufactured not to shatter in the event of an accident. It’s therefore much stronger than other types of glass and much more durable. Even when a stone hits the windshield, it may not chip or crack, and may not need windshield chip repair. At the same time, windshield glass is not indestructible.

Windshield damage can occur at any time and for many reasons. In some cases, windshield chip repair may be sufficient to remedy the damage. However, some chips and cracks could obstruct the driver’s view, and windshield replacement might be required. While we cannot forestall roadside mishaps, we can certainly take some reasonable precautions.

Tips to Better Protect Your Windshield & Limit Damage

Today, windshield chip repair is quite effective in dealing with small cracks and chips. This type of damage is quite common and usually unforeseeable, particularly when driving on the highway. What’s important is to avoid mishaps and limit windshield damage if possible.

Better Driving Habits

When driving, it’s best to leave plenty of distance between yourself and the vehicle ahead. The distance provides protection against flying debris, but also allows for better reaction time when driving. Unsurprisingly, the extra distance between vehicles makes a difference.

Be Aware of Temperature Changes

Changes in temperature will cause vehicle glass to expand and contract. In summer, with the extremes of heat, this can actually weaken glass. Keeping this in mind, it’s best to park in shaded areas. When possible, it’s best to prevent prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Get Auto Glass Repaired ASAP

In the event of a windshield chip or crack, windshield chip repair may be required. Even with a smaller chip and/or crack, it’s wise to have the damage repaired ASAP. If the window damage is postponed, it may well spread – and that means that repairs may be more costly.

Wiper Maintenance

Windshield wipers should be in optimum shape throughout the year. When they are not, uneven pressure on the windshield could cause problems. More than that, dirt and debris can catch under uneven wipers and easily scratch the windshield, causing surface damage.

Say NO to Chemicals

Harsh chemicals shouldn’t be used when washing the windshield. In worst-case situations, chemicals can discolour window glass and even compromise the protective coating. The best approach is to use the products and applications that are approved by the automaker.

When You Require Windshield Chip Repair, Pick the Professionals at MRM Auto Glass 

It really doesn’t take much to properly maintain your windshield – and it doesn’t take much to take precautions. But even with all of the protective measures, things happen on the road and windshields get damaged. The key is to have professional repairs and/or replacement.

Throughout the greater Toronto Area, MRM Auto Glass provides expert glass repairs, along with the best customer service. We pay up to 100% of your your insurance deductible - we provide a Lifetime Warranty on installations – and we offer competitive prices. Find out more by calling 905-868-9399 and arrange for a FREE price estimate.

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