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Can A Windshield Crack Be Repaired

Posted in Windshield Repair, on November 09, 2020

Unfortunately, we have all been driving and heard the resounding crack of a stone or debris hitting the windshield. Sometimes these sounds are harmless, and the windshield is not damaged. Other times, a small or even large crack becomes immediately visible. But how do you know if your small or large crack will require windshield crack repair? For most windshield repairs, the size and extent of the damage will determine whether the glass can be repaired or if you require a full replacement. Here we have provided a helpful guide to help you initially assess whether your windshield can be repaired and how to seek out auto glass repair services.

At the end of the day, the type of crack will ultimately determine whether it can be repaired. The type, size, and depth of the crack are important metrics that will be considered when comparing a potential repair or replacement.

What is the Type of Crack?

Most cracks form certain shapes that categorize them into common types of damage. Some examples include a Star Break crack, which forms additional radial cracks extending from the impact site. Others include a Bulls-Eye crack, which results in additional centric damage rings surrounding the impact or a simple crack chip, that shows a single crack without additional damage. In general, cracks can be easily repaired if they are less than the size of a quarter, no matter what type of damage occurred.

What Size is the Crack?

Size is a very important consideration when it comes to windshield crack repair. In general, most mechanics will say that a chip or crack that is less than the size of a bill can be repaired. However, the price and extent of the auto glass repair will increase along with the size of the crack or chip. If your crack or chip is too big to be repaired, you will need to replace the entire windshield to continue to maintain the safety of your vehicle.

How Deep is the Crack?

Similar to the size of the crack, the depth can impact how easily the damage can be repaired. With a deeper crack, it may cost more or require additional work to repair the damage. Depending on the size of the crack and its depth, you may also require a full windshield replacement.

At MRM Auto Glass, we offer a range of comprehensive auto glass repair services. This includes both windshield crack repair and windshield replacement, depending on the extent of your windshield damage. Our expert team of technicians will assess the damage and determine the best way to efficiently repair the crack and restore the safety of your vehicle. Our convenient mobile repair service can meet you on the road, in your driveway, or at work to safely repair your windshield any time and any place.

Contact our team for more information on MRM’s windshield crack repair services or to book an appointment today.

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