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When to Repair a Windshield

Posted in Windshield Replacement, on July 13, 2020

Windshield CrackWhen it comes to windshield cracks and chips, auto glass repair can sometimes be a grey area. Is it damage than can be repaired? Does the complete windshield need to be replaced? There certainly are some basic guidelines to follow with windshield crack repair.

Truth is, the cause of the damage is almost irrelevant – the damage has been done and it’s time to take corrective measures. When professional auto glass repair is a possibility, it’s definitely a good option, if only to prevent things from getting worse and more expensive.

The good news with small chips and cracks is that effective repairs can be attained. While it depends on the size, depth, and location of the damage, a good auto glass shop can provide repairs that are “good as new”. On the flip side, a DIY approach is not a good idea.

For Best Results, Auto Glass Repairs Should Be Performed By a Professional         

Sometimes, there are clear and obvious reasons for windshield crack repair. Damage that obscures the driver’s view requires repair. Multiple cracks and/or chips also need attention. And finally, damage located at the windshield edges also requires repair or replacement.

True – there are various DIY kits available on the market – but nothing works better than a professional repair. In many cases, vehicle owners will end up going to a professional after the DIY attempt. As well, a professional will recommend whether repairs are still doable.

The primary reason for glass repairs is to prevent the damage from spreading and to avoid any substantial damage to the integrity of the windshield glass. Here again, a professional will advise on the possibilities. The main takeaway is that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Many of us tend to put off windshield repairs or ignore the damage entirely. The problem is that one big pothole can cause damage to spread. Even driving along a bumpy road can create vibrations that cause a crack to spread. It all makes for more damage and more cost.

Drivers should also remember that insurance companies (and police departments) frown on driving with windshield damage. It’s not a good practise and even worse if the driver’s view is impaired. On the highway, many jurisdictions will enforce the law with a ticket.

When You Need Auto Glass Repair Choose The Pros at MRM Auto Glass 

For vehicle owners throughout York Region, MRM Auto Glass provides expert windshield crack repair for all makes and models. We will pay up to 100% of your insurance deductible – we offer a Lifetime Warranty on our installations – and we have the most competitive industry prices.

In the event of an emergency, or when urgent glass repairs are required, MRM Auto Glass provides Mobile Repair Service throughout the region. Whatever the scope of repairs, we help our customers with insurance paperwork to make for a less stressful interaction.

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