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What to Do After a Windshield Repair

Posted in Windshield Repair, on November 16, 2020

windshield chip repairFollowing a windshield repair, your first instinct might be to drive away and put your windshield worries away. However, there are important follow-up steps to any windshield chip repair. If you do not take care of your freshly repaired windshield it may not set properly and need to be fixed again. In this post, we have helped outline all the important steps for after your windshield chip repair.

Do Not Drive Home Right Away

Most technicians will leave a window of time following your windshield chip repair for the adhesive to dry. Usually, a technician will recommend waiting about an hour after your repairs before driving your vehicle. Although it takes several days for the adhesive to completely dry and settle, your vehicle will be safe to drive after this one hour waiting period.

Keep It Clean and Dry

Any external pressure on the repaired windshield can affect the adhesive as it dries. For the first few days following your windshield chip repair, it is important to keep the area clean and dry. This includes protecting the repaired area from debris that might stick to the adhesive. You will also want to make sure your dashboard is clear, and the window is clean to ensure the repair settles correctly.

Do Not Cover It

Following your windshield chip repair, you may be tempted to cover the repair area to protect it from the elements. However, the pressure of a sunshade or windshield cover can disrupt the drying process and result in your windshield integrity not being restored. Depending on the weight of your cover, it could even cause damage that needs to be further repaired.

Avoid the Car Wash

Power washers and car washes can shift the new glass and disrupt the repairs before they are fully dry. For the first few days following your windshield chip repair, you should avoid washing your car.

Leave the Tape On

While the tape that holds the windshield moldings in place might be an eyesore, it is important for the repair process. The tape helps to protect the seal of your new windshield from dust, debris, and the elements. You should leave the tape for one to two days after your windshield repair to ensure your moldings settle properly.

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