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Understanding & Repairing a Pitted Windshield

Posted in Windshield Replacement, on October 09, 2019

Like all auto glass repairs, a pitted windshield should be assessed and repaired by a reputable auto glass shop – so if you’re shopping for windshield repair in Vaughan or windshield repair in Woodbridge make sure you’re dealing with an experienced team of auto glass specialists.

Pitted windshields tend to be more prevalent for those drivers who frequent highways and high-traffic parts of the city. When the roadway is sandy and rocky, windshield pitting is more likely to occur – and unfortunately, the pitting is hard to spot unless you closely inspect the windshield.

The easiest way to identify a pitted windshield is actually at night. Under a bright light source (at home or in a parking lot) you can assess the damage by looking at the windshield from the inside of your vehicle. The bright light that passes through the pits will create a noticeable contrast.

Depending on the extent of damage, windshield pitting can certainly be problematic. To begin with, the pits could interfere with your wiper blades motion. In fact, it’s not uncommon for your windshield wipers to cause even more chipping (this can result in deep scratches on the glass).

What exactly is windshield pitting?

Windshield pitting shows up as tiny, shallow cracks on the windshield. Typically, they are caused by the high impact of stones and rocks while driving at higher speeds, and therefore create the small, pitted spots. In certain cases, pitting can present a safety hazard, particularly when it gets hard to see through the glass.

At night, windshield pits will refract light differently – they can compromise your view compared to an undamaged windshield. Worse still, pitting also affects the integrity of your windshield’s laminated surface. It can make your windshield prone to cracking during a high impact collision or accident.

How does pitting affect your windshield?

The main problem with windshield pitting is light distortion. With pitting, the light that shines on your windshield can potentially distort your view of the road. Whether it’s direct sunlight, or high beams from another vehicle, the light distortion will be bothersome, sometimes even blinding.

If you have many windshield pits, the integrity of your windshield can be compromised. Your windshield is supposed to be a safety feature, so any damage can be dangerous. Indeed, a pitted windshield will likely shatter more easily than a regular windshield if there is a high impact.

In the event that you notice glaring on your windshield, but only on the passenger side, this still requires attention. This is the right time to contact a reputable auto glass shop and to consider windshield repair and replacement. With vehicle glass, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Repairing and replacing a pitted windshield

In any situation, a pitted windshield should be repaired or replaced – and windshield repair and replacement should be entrusted to an auto glass professional. This is not the right time for a DIY solution because it can easily result in further damage. This is a time to do it right, professionally.

If you’re shopping around for windshield repair and replacement, a qualified auto glass shop will have the right answers. Depending on the damage, repairs may be possible, but if not, complete replacement would be recommended. For the safest approach, replacement might be preferable.

Your auto glass technician will assess the extent of your damage and suggest the best option for restoration. However, unless there are a small number of pits, industry professionals recommend complete windshield replacement. Needless to say, there is no good reason to be cutting corners.

In terms of repairing a pitted windshield, there are certainly effective methods. But most auto glass professionals will advise that it’s only a temporary solution. Repairs are only designed to prevent additional damage from resulting – at least until you are ready for complete replacement.

Windshield damage requires professional attention

Windshield damage is hard to repair, whatever the problem. For some vehicle owners the DIY option might be an enjoyable weekend project – and even a way to save money.  But overall, the best approach, and the best outcomes, are realized when a professional technician does the work.

With a pitted windshield, the damaged glass will not likely be fully restored, even when an expert technician does the repair. Even with the countless DIY options on the Internet, it’s far better to go the professional route – with an auto glass shop that is reputable, reliable, and experienced.

MRM Auto Glass is your one-stop shop for windshield repair in Vaughan and windshield repair in Woodbridge. We provide the most complete and comprehensive customer service in the region.

  • we deal directly with your insurance company
  • we will pay up to 100% of the insurance deductible amount
  • we provide a Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty 
  • we can typically repair pitting, chips, or cracks
  • we offer the most competitive industry prices
  • we service all of the vehicle makes and models

At MRM, we do our best to repair windshield damage, including pitting. However, when damage requires complete windshield replacement, we install a quality product and provide a warranty.  We will assess the scope of your damage, and ensure the most cost-effective repair/replacement.

Windshield repair and replacement from MRM Auto Glass 

MRM Auto Glass installs the highest industry standard vehicle glass. We use OEM glass products (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from manufacturers like Carlite, Pilkington, and PPG. In some cases, we can offer customers replacement glass from non-OEM suppliers (“after market” glass).

At MRM, we do it all - from windshield pits, to chips, to cracks. We encourage our customers to make repairs immediately, mainly because even small cracks and chips will spread quickly and create more damage. Every installation comes with the Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.

Find out more about our services by contacting one of our specialists at 905-868-9399. Or, get more information by visiting our website at . You’ll find a convenient online Quotation Form where you can fill in your window damage information. As soon as we can, one of our qualified technicians will respond with a price quote. 

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