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The Importance of Immediate Window Chip Repair

Posted in Windshield Repair, on February 26, 2024

Annoyed by those pesky little chips on your car windows or windshield? Well, they’re more than just annoyances. They can be potential troublemakers if you ignore prompt window chip repair. Addressing them immediately can prevent replacement headaches and expenses in future. Thankfully, MRM Auto Glass provides quick and expert windshield repair in Richmond Hill. Meanwhile, buckle up as the MRM specialists detail why dealing with window chips should be on your ‘Must-do’ list!

How Window Chips Occur

The Importance of Immediate Window Chip RepairWindow chips can mar the smooth glass surface of your car if a stray road pebble or tiny stone is kicked up by a passing vehicle. Bad weather can also fling debris, tree branches, and even heavy hailstones that chip your auto glass. Finally, collisions are another common cause of window and windscreen chips. 

Identifying and getting immediate window chip repair is crucial if you value safety and don’t want to deal with expensive replacements. 

Unwanted Consequences of Delayed Window Chip Repair 

Ignoring window chipping or windshield repair in Richmond Hill comes with some unwanted consequences. A minor windscreen or window chip can swiftly turn into a giant crater or crack! This lowers the structural integrity of the window or windshield glass and affects safety. What’s worse? Driving with a damaged window or windscreen. It affects driving visibility and increases collision chances. The weakened auto glass can fail to protect occupants during a collision and shatter with a minor impact.

The Benefits of Immediate Window Chip Repair

Getting your window chip repaired right away has substantial benefits. 

  • Fixing a window chip early on means you won’t have to shell out big bucks for a new windshield later. Nipping that annoying chip in the bud prevents it from enlarging beyond repair.
  • Ignoring the chip also exposes it to the elements. Dirt and dust can accumulate in the chip, making the repair process tougher. 
  • As window chip repair is a quicker and smaller job than a replacement, it’s more economical. So, by taking care of those chips ASAP, you are saving cash you may have spent on complete window replacement in future. 
  • However, the vital thing about window chip repair is your safety. A damaged window isn’t just an eyesore–it’s a perilous safety threat. It weakens the safety structure of your vehicle, which isn’t something you want in case of a collision. 

The Window Chip Repair Process

Cleaning and preparing the chip is the first step in window chip repair. The repair technicians will gently get rid of dirt or debris in and around the chip area. Then, it’s time to fill in the chip using a special liquid resin using a chip repair tool. The damaged spot is then cured and sealed using UV light.  

Pro Tip–while you might be tempted to tackle this job yourself, window chip repair demands professional attention. A trained repair specialist will ensure a flawless, safe repair–done right the first time! 

Chipped Window Glass or Windshield Woes? 

Skip the DIY headaches, and trust MRM Auto Glass for expert window chip and windshield repair in Richmond Hill. With 25-plus years of windshield expertise, MRM Auto Glass is your premier source for OEM glass, with a best-price guarantee backed by a lifetime work warranty. So don’t sit on that window chip–book your MRM Auto Glass window chip repair service today! 

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