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Stop Windshield Chips From Spreading Fast

Posted in Windshield Repair, on June 04, 2021

A crack or chip in the windshield can be frustrating. They often seemingly come out of nowhere, and they can significantly impede your mobility. A professional windshield chip repair effectively gets your windshield back into working condition, but what do you do until then? Stop the chip in the windshield from spreading and minimize the damage with the tips below. 

At MRM, we provide professional windshield chip repair and replacements and can quickly repair your windshield and get your vehicle going. 

Clear Nailpolish / Super Glue

crack in car windshield on the roadUsing nail polish or superglue can help to temporarily strengthen your windshield and hold the cracks and chips together. Clean the damaged area on the windshield with soap water and fill the chip with nail polish or glue. Make sure to use a clear coloured one so that it doesn’t obstruct your view while you’re driving! 

DIY Window Repair Kit

You can buy a do-it-yourself window repair kit from your local appliance or parts store. These kits come with a few different items, including glass repair fluid, suction pad, glue and more. These kits can also be used for multiple chips and cracks and are a great bang for buck solution. These are not permanent solutions but can hold the chips in your windshield together as you wait to find a professional repair. 

Avoid Temperature Fluctuations

A common way windshields get damaged during the spring and summer is by frequent temperature fluctuations. If a car is left out in the sun for a long time and then brought into a cooled garage, this can cause stress to the windshield and lead to a chip or a crack. Avoid sudden temperature fluctuations as much as you can, and avoid bringing the  car inside if it’s been left out in the sun for the entire day. 

Park in the Shade

A great way to prevent sudden temperature swings is by parking in the shade as often as you can whenever leaving your car outside. Rapid temperature swings usually occur when a car is left outside all day and then brought inside, but this can be fixed by parking in the shade as much as possible. The windshield will absorb less heat and won’t experience as much stress to its structural integrity if left in the shade. 

Call A Professional

The repairs and tips recommended above are great for preventing a windshield chip from occurring and spreading, but for a permanent solution, it’s best to call a professional. If you see a crack or chip in your windshield, it’s best to call a professional as soon as you can before it spreads and leads to a more costly repair. At MRM, we provide full windshield repairs and replacements and can quickly get your vehicle fixed so you can move along with your day. 

Benefits of Professional Autoglass Repair

Professional repairs to chips and cracks on your windshield will ensure that its structural integrity isn’t compromised and that the chips won't spread as you drive. Untreated chips or ones patched up with temporary solutions will eventually spread and may lead to a full windshield replacement if a professional repair isn’t done.

Contact MRM Autoglass today for fast, safe, and reliable winshield crack repair today in the GTA.

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