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Should you Replace Your Windshield Yourself?

Posted in Windshield Replacement, on January 12, 2024

Auto glass issues are an unpleasant reality, and windshield replacement in Newmarket is a common complaint. However, if you’re brave enough to think of trying a DIY attempt, think again! Your windshield goes beyond providing a clear road view–it’s crucial to your vehicle’s structural integrity. An amateurish job with auto glass replacement can wreak havoc with your safety and others on the road. Here’s why you should only opt for professional windshield replacement from a reputed provider like MRM Auto Glass and avoid the DIY route.

Benefits of Professional Windshield Replacement

Should you Replace Your Windshield Yourself?Professional windshield replacement in Newmarket comes with the surety of experience and auto glass expertise. Certified technicians are trained to carry out seamless windshield replacements and know the procedure to handle various makes and models. Professionals adhere to standardized industry safety protocols and use the correct tools and processes to preserve your vehicle’s structural safety. Professional auto glass replacement also ensures that only high-quality OEM glass and materials are used.  

Safety Concerns

Safety should be your top priority for windshield replacement. A shoddy replacement job can have devastating consequences. An improperly installed windshield can cause structural instability and fail to provide the necessary protection during accidents. With DIY installation, you can end up applying too much pressure and damage the glass. Too little pressure may prevent the windshield from sticking correctly. Professional replacement with the correct equipment ensures the right amount of pressure and technique. 

Inexperience, improper techniques, and inadequate tools can leave gaps in the windshield seal. This can cause air & water leaks and compromise safety. DIY installation also reduces windshield effectiveness due to the lack of OEM glass and industry specifications.

Warranty & Insurance Coverage

Remember that DIY auto glass replacement does not provide warranty or insurance coverage. You’ll have to bear any issues that arise post-replacement. Professional windshield replacement and repair comes with work and material warranties. Reputed auto glass replacement companies like MRM offer workmanship and OEM glass warranties. 

Moreover, professional windshield replacements are usually covered by insurance companies. This eases the financial burden on vehicle owners. Opting for professional replacement ensures an efficient, seamless job and provides peace of mind through insurance and warranty coverage. 

Time & Convenience

Installing a windshield yourself can be laborious and time-consuming. DIYers obviously lack the professional skills, tools, and experience required for an effective auto glass replacement job. Failed attempts and re-attempts can waste time and be frustrating. Choosing professional services comes with convenience and minimal disruptions to your daily life. Undeniably, professional windshield replacement in Newmarket is a more practical and safe option than ineffective DIY attempts. 

MRM Auto Glass: Windshield Replacement You Can Trust

DIY windshield replacements may seem tempting in terms of cost, but they come with safety risks, inconvenience, and lack of insurance and warranty. Choose MRM Auto Glass for fast, reliable, and superior windshield replacement in Newmarket. With 25 years of dedicated windshield replacement experience, the MRM technicians guarantee a flawless job ensuring quality and safety. Short on time? Choose a convenient mobile auto glass replacement–our pros will reach you wherever you are!

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