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How To Stop A Windshield Crack From Spreading

Posted in Windshield Repair, on December 06, 2023

As auto glass experts, MRM professionals understand the frustration and concern that come with a windshield crack. Beyond being an unsightly inconvenience, a cracked windshield is a serious risk to your on-road safety. It compromises your vehicle’s structural strength, with a higher risk of severe injury in rollover accidents. The distracting glare can cause mishaps, and worse–you may even be ticketed by traffic officials for driving with a damaged windshield. MRM Auto Glass prioritizes your well-being, and we’re here with practical steps to mitigate further damage and stop a windshield crack from spreading. Above all, we recommend safeguarding your drive as soon as possible with professional windshield replacement in Newmarket

Step 1: Assess the Damage

How To Stop A Windshield Crack From SpreadingThe initial step in limiting a windshield crack is to assess its size and location. Understanding these factors is crucial for determining the need for repair or windshield replacement in Newmarket. Small cracks, typically less than three inches, are often reparable. However, auto glass experts recommend complete professional windshield replacement for larger or more complex cracks. One needs to consider the depth of the crack as well–surface-level damage is more likely to be fixable than a deep, penetrating crack.

Step 2: Apply Temporary Fixes

If you can’t get professional auto glass assistance immediately, use a temporary fix to prevent the crack from spreading further. 

  • A touch of clear nail polish or trusty superglue can be an effective stop-gap solution. Start by gently cleaning the area around the crack to ensure proper adhesion. Wait for it to dry, and top it off with clear packing tape until professional repair is feasible.
  • Alternatively, opt for a bonafide windshield repair kit available at local hardware establishments. You’ll need to apply the specialized resin from the repair kit to seal the glass. 
  • Minimize exposure to rapid temperature extremes to prevent widening windshield cracks. Avoid directing heat at a chipped windshield in cold weather and park in the shade. Avoid window defroster use until the windscreen has been duly repaired.

However, it’s essential to recognize that these fixes are temporary, and expert intervention is necessary for a long-term solution.

Step 3: Seek Professional Help

Temporary fixes are just that–temporary. They can only buy you some time until you can avail of professional intervention. Certified and trained technicians can expertly assess the extent of the damage and provide appropriate recommendations, ensuring your vehicle’s safety and integrity. MRM Auto Glass is your resident expert for windshield replacement in Newmarket, offering comprehensive and cost-effective solutions. 

Step 4: Prevent Future Cracks

Prevention is vital to maintaining your windshield and ensuring safety. Apart from addressing current cracks, take proactive steps to prevent future damage. Drive cautiously on rough roads or in adverse weather conditions. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles–debris kicked up from the street can lead to windshield damage. Regularly inspect your windshield glass for small chips or cracks and address them on priority.

Protect Your Windshield with MRM Auto Glass

Cracked windshields are not merely a cosmetic concern–they jeopardize your driving safety. Taking proactive steps to repair windshield damage and stop a windscreen crack from spreading is critical. Apply temporary fixes as needed, but remember that professional help is crucial for a lasting solution. At MRM Auto Glass, we’re your trusted partner in windshield replacement in Newmarket. We’re a neighbourly brand with a network of branches and certified technicians to assist with mobile repairs and in-house auto glass services. Prioritize your safety and safeguard your drive with MRM Auto Glass.

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