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How to Respond to Windshield Pitting?

Posted in Windshield Replacement, on November 12, 2021

Most of us associate windshield damage with totalled windshields, large cracks, or significant chips that require prompt auto glass repair, replacement, or window crack repair. However, gradual windshield pitting can be just as damaging and dangerous. Windshield pitting is the gradual wear and tear of the windshield glass as tiny specs or shallow pits. Sand, dust, and other particles hit your windshield every day, and this abrasive debris damages your windshield over time. If you suspect pitting, a thorough inspection of your windshield from a professional windshield replacement or auto glass repair company is a must. Here’s a low-down on windshield pitting and how you should respond to this type of windshield damage:

What Causes Windshield Pitting

auto glass repairPitting is damage caused by normal wear and tear that your windshield undergoes. The daily impact of driving, the miles you drive, and the age of your vehicle can all cause tiny scratches or craters on your windshield.

Typical causes of windshield pitting include:

  • Frequent driving on highways or other high-traffic areas
  • Sand, dust and fine gravel thrown up from the road
  • Exposure to rain, hail and other elements
  • Chemical contaminants from the roads

Over time, these can combine to cause progressive windshield damage that may need urgent auto glass repair or windshield replacement.

Assess the Damage of Windshield Pitting 

If you notice any glares or specs in particular spots on your windshield under sunlight (or under bright light at night), your windshield may be pitted. Though it may look trivial, pitted windshield glass can pose a safety hazard and a serious risk to drivers. These inconspicuous pits and craters can be dangerous at night or during sunlight. Sudden blinding glares can impair visibility and cause accidents. Pitting can also weaken the glass and compromise the structural integrity of your car. 

Additionally, these small pits can quickly grow into big cracks causing further windshield damage, requiring professional window crack repair. Thus, it is vital to constantly check your windshield glass and look out for any signs of pitting, like tiny specs or glares. If you cannot see clearly through your windshield in bright sunlight or at night, consult an auto glass expert right away!

Repair or Replacement?

If you have a pitted windshield, you may be wondering whether you can get it repaired. While the jury is still out on this, it may be possible to partially restore a pitted windshield depending on the severity of pitting. Small pits and scratches can be repaired with cutting-edge auto glass fabrication equipment if they are outside the driver’s visual field. However, they are a temporary fix, and the safe and recommended option is a complete windshield replacement. Auto glass or window crack repair is not an option in case of extensive pitting on the windshield or windows. Any damage that impacts your safety requires a professional windshield replacement.

Trust MRM Auto Glass for Your Windshield Woes

Whether it is pitting or any other damage, choose the expertise of MRM Auto Glass to restore the visibility and structural integrity of your windshield. Our experienced technicians will assess the damage and suggest an optimal solution for your pitted windshield. At MRM, we specialize in providing quality auto glass repair/replacement at the most cost-effective prices. We work with all major insurance companies to handle your claim, from start to finish! 

Contact us for quick, convenient, and efficient windshield repair and replacement today!

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