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How to Repair Winter Salt Damage

Posted in Windshield Repair, on March 03, 2022

Winter can wreak havoc on your car and its windshield. The icy winter conditions that plague Newmarket and the Greater Toronto area bring many hazardous elements for drivers. This includes windshield pitting and cracks that require auto glass repair in Newmarket. But one often-overlooked reason why drivers need windshield repair or replacement is salt on the roads. The specialists at MRM Autoglass detail how salt on the streets can cause windshield pitting and what are your options for windshield repair in Newmarket.

Why There is Salt on the Road  

auto glass repair NewmarketSnow-covered and ice-prone roads are often treated with salt and sand to prevent skidding and make driving safer. Unfortunately, the residual salt on the roads and pavement can contribute to pitting on your windshield. The frequent temperature shifts and the combination of salt, dust, and sand on the streets only compound the problem.

How it Causes Windshield Pitting & What it Looks Like

When the salt, dust or sand collide against your windshield at high speed, they tend to embed on the glass and create tiny craters. These ‘pinhead’-sized craters or pits on your windshield constitute windshield pitting. Though they look insignificant at first glance, these pits can cause significant problems while driving. Prolonged neglect of these tiny pits can necessitate auto glass repair in Newmarket.

How Does Salt-Induced Pitting Affect Drivers 

Pitting can cause several problems for drivers that include:

  • Vision Problems: Though windshield pits may appear to be a trivial cosmetic issue, salt-induced pitting can be a driving hazard. It may cause visibility problems while driving as sunlight shining on the pits can be blinding. These pits can also affect how one sees the light during the night—lights from oncoming vehicles can be overwhelming. These vision distortions can be dangerous, especially during cold winter nights. 
  • Compromised Auto Glass: After a while, untreated windshield pitting can eventually weaken the glass and compromise its integrity. It may not hold under impact and may not protect the occupants in case of a crash or rollover. 
  • Cracks: The pits on your windshield glass can develop into cracks over time. While minor surface pits can be repaired, pits with large cracks will need complete windshield repair in Newmarket.

Windshield Repair From MRM Auto Glass

To avoid windshield glare and ensure safety, the ideal solution for a pitted windshield is auto glass replacement. However, if the windscreen has minor pitting, experienced windshield technicians at MRM Auto Glass can repair it with resin bonding. After cleaning the affected area, our specialists will fill the pits with a bonding resin. The resin is then cured with UV Light to fuse it correctly. Using resin bonding to repair a windshield depends on the extent of pitting and the damage location. If the damage is directly in the driving field of the driver, it can distort the view. Total auto glass replacement is the only option in such a case. 

If you need an expert and dependable auto glass workshop in Newmarket, call the pros at MRM Autoglass. Our experienced and licensed technicians provide complete auto glass services, including repair and replacement for pitted windshields. Leave your windshield worries to the experts at MRM! We work with all major insurance providers and handle your claim from start to finish.

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