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How to Remove Stickers and Decal From Your Windsheild

Posted in Auto Glass Repair, on September 08, 2022

As a car owner, you’re most likely aware of how difficult it can be to remove stickers and decals from a vehicle, which is why many people avoid adding these personalizations in the first place. Regardless of what sticker or decal you added to your car, once you want it off, you’ll want it gone as soon as possible. Many car owners get a windshield repair in Newmarket to refurbish their windshield after trying to remove stickers or decals. If your windshield is damaged from removing sticky adhesives, choose an auto glass repair in Newmarket to effectively remove any adhesive scratches or damages.

Here’s how you can remove stickers and decals from your windshield.

Reasons for a Windshield Repair

auto glass repair NewmarketMany people use DIY tips and tricks to remove any sticky adhesives, and sometimes it works, and other times it leaves you with a scratched or damaged auto glass. If you have damaged your windshield by removing stickers or decals, reach out to MRM Auto Glass for a cost-effective and professional auto glass repair in Newmarket.

Signs you need a windshield repair in Newmarket:

  • You used DIY cleaning tips that ruined your windshield
  • You scraped your windshield too hard while removing stickers or decals
  • The stickers or decal has ruined your auto glass due to heat, scratches, etc.

DIY Tips & Tricks to Removing Stickers & Decals

Though DIY stickers and decal removal can be challenging, there should be no issues if done correctly. Although, if you experience any problems, we suggest removing your stickers or decals professionally. If you already notice damage to your auto glass, reach out to MRM Auto Glass for a windshield repair or replacement in Newmarket. 

Below are some DIY cleaning tricks to remove decals and stickers from your vehicle’s windshield:

Soapy Water: Begin by peeling the sticker or decal from a corner and try to remove the majority of it. After, use a warm, wet, and soapy rag to begin soaking the adhesive to absorb moisture. Once this is finished, use your fingers, rag, or a plastic scrapper to remove the remnants. Keep in mind how hard you scrape the stickers and decals to protect your windshield.

Baking Soda: Baking soda is an excellent technique for removing adhesives from your windshield as long as your auto glass is not tinted. If it’s tinted, the baking soda may damage the tint. Start by adding baking soda to half a cup of cooking oil, mix the solution, and dab the sticker or decal. Let soak for a few minutes and peel from the edges. You can use a plastic scraper or card to help but remember to be very gentle. 

Rubbing Alcohol: Try using a dry paper towel and soal them with rubbing alcohol. Then take the paper towel and dab the sticker(s) until it’s completely soaked. Once again, plastic scrappers can be used but are not advised unless you’re a professional.

Adhesive Remover: Another way to remove decals are by using an adhesive remover and cleaner. This guarantees the best results as the adhesive remover softens the adhesive and can be removed from the windshield. With the cleaner, simply spray onto the sticker or decal and wait until it’s soaked. It should be pretty simple to remove if you gently use a plastic scraper. 

Top-Tier Auto Glass Services 

If you’re looking to effectively repair your windshield, MRM Auto Glass is the place to go. You can feel confident knowing your windshield is in the best hands with a team of highly experienced individuals. With the latest technology and staff with years of experience, we promise to get the job done right the first time.


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