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How To Handle A Broken Car Window

Posted in Windshield Repair, on January 27, 2021

Car windows can break for a variety of reasons. It may be as simple as a stone or rock hitting your window while driving on the highway, or it may be because your vehicle had a break-in. No matter what the reason, safe clean-up and prompt repair of your broken window are crucial. Auto glass repair and replacement services can be used to repair the glass, but how do you prepare your vehicle to drive it to your mechanic safely? Below, we have summarized some need-to-know information for safely fixing a broken car window. handle broken car window

Protect Yourself

Before cleaning up the broken glass, it is important to protect yourself. We recommend wearing protective goggles and gloves while cleaning up any glass or debris near your broken window. Depending on where the window broke, you will also want to make sure you are wearing shoes and a long sleeve shirt to protect yourself from any potential cuts.

Clean Up the Glass

To deal with your broken window, you will want to clean up the glass. This includes glass shards on the interior and exterior of your car. Using a broom and dustpan can help with this process, and we recommend placing glass shards in a box or other container before placing them in the recycling bin. Once larger shards of glass have been removed, you can use a vacuum to remove glass dust and smaller particles that are difficult to pick up by hand.

Clean Around Your Window

Once the glass is cleaned, take a wet cloth and gently clean around the window to remove any small particles that may be clinging to the edges of your window. You can also use this to clean your dashboard or door handles, depending on the broken window.

Plastic Covering

To protect yourself and your vehicle while driving to your auto glass repair and replacement, use a sturdy, plastic trash bag to cover up your window. Use a clear plastic bag if possible to ensure that your vision is not impaired while driving.

Time for an Auto Glass Repair

To properly repair your window, you will need auto glass repair and replacement. Any technician that offers windshield chip repair will be able to provide auto glass services to your vehicle. Your technician will be able to safely repair your broken window so you can continue to drive without concern for your safety.

MRM Auto Glass offers windshield chip repair and general auto glass repair and replacement services. We offer 24/7 mobile service, which means we bring auto glass repair and replacement to you at the office, your home, or roadside. Our technicians are experts when it comes to repairing broken windows and windshields. We offer comprehensive services to repair your vehicle in a speedy fashion. Easily request a free quote for your services through our online form. To learn more about our adapted services during COVID-19 or to inquire about booking a repair service today, call the MRM Auto Glass team at 905-868-9399.

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