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How to Deal with Debris in Your Wipers

Posted in Windshield Repair, on March 21, 2022

Windshields often get damaged because of external factors like ice, falling branches, and accidents. But did you know that the seemingly small wipers can be the culprits behind windscreen damage? Apart from scratches and smudges due to worn-out wiper blades, sometimes, debris in your wipers can also damage your windshield. Neglecting the detrimental effect of damaged windshield wipers can necessitate windshield repair in Newmarket. Read on for some awesome tips for dealing with debris in your windshield wipers from the experts at MRM Autoglass.

How Wiper Debris Damages Windshields 

auto glass repair NewmarketWindshield debris consists of leaves, small twigs, dust, and mud that can collect in your windshield wipers. This debris can get stuck underneath the wiper blades and scrape against the windshield glass. It can leave deep to minor scratches on your windshield that may require auto glass repair in Newmarket. This debris barrier can also prevent the wipers from working correctly in a downpour and reduce their ability to wipe away water from the windscreen. Debris can also cause tears in the rubber edging of the wiper blades. Sometimes, debris can also block the fluid jet washer of the windshield. 

How to Prevent Damage from Windshield Debris 

  • Regularly wipe the wiper blades with a soft cloth.
  • Never operate wipers on a dry windshield; always use washer fluid to clean any dust or dirt that needs to be cleaned.
  • Never use the wiper to clear any leaves or twigs off the windshield. These can easily wedge between the wiper and windscreen glass to compromise visibility and also damage the windshield. 
  • Don’t just wipe away anything grainy like sand or dust with the wipers, as it can scratch the windshield glass. Always spray washer fluid if you do have to use the wipers. 
  • You can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the wiper blades of any debris or grime on the wiper blades. 
  • Leave the wiper blades in the air at night by elevating the wiper from the base hinge. This will lessen the chances of debris buildup on the wipers overnight. You can simply place the wipers back in place in the morning and head out for the day. 
  • When you get your routine oil change, remember to ask the technician to check that the wipers are in good working condition. 

What to Do When Wipers Scrape Your Windshield 

Cracked wipers and debris can scratch and damage the windshield. Scratches on the windshield can distort the view in sunlight or at night under the glare of oncoming headlights. This can compromise the driver’s ability to see clearly and create dangerous driving conditions. The damage will only worsen without repairs, so it is advisable to head to a reputable auto shop for windshield repair in Newmarket as soon as possible. 

MRM Auto Glass: Your One-Stop-Shop For Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

At MRM Auto Glass, our certified experts can inspect your windshield and assess the extent of the damage. While complete replacement is usually recommended with windshield damage, sometimes minor surface scratches can be repaired with professional restoration techniques. Whether you require full windshield replacement or auto glass repair in Newmarket, trust the pros at MRM. We assure you of flawless installations with branded and OEM glass products.

Contact MRM Auto Glass for competitive prices, quality work, and quick windshield repair in Newmarket.

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