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How the Sun Causes Windshield Damage

Posted in Windshield Repair, on June 22, 2023

The shining summer sun and the inviting, warm weather are glorious excuses to plan a holiday road trip! And though we associate windshield damage with ice, rocks, debris, or accidents, the scorching sun can also be the culprit. The cogent sun rays can cause stress or thermal fractures to compromise the integrity of your windshield, requiring urgent mobile auto glass services. While you can safeguard your vehicle with expert windshield repair in Newmarket with MRM Auto Glass, it pays to know the causes of windshield damage and the proactive preventive steps you can take. 

How Excess Sun Exposure Causes Windshield Damage

windshield repair NewmarketThere are many ways where sun exposure in the summer can cause damage to your auto glass. Many times the effect are out of your control. When you do need windshield repair, contact the trusted team at MRM Auto Glass. 

  • Expansion & Contraction: Direct sunlight exposure and intense summer heat can cause the windshield glass to expand. The glass then contracts at night when the temperature cools down. This continuous cycle of windshield expansion and contraction weakens the windshield structure. Over time, the glass can develop cracks and chips that require reliable auto glass repair.
  • Extreme Temperature Changes: The summer sun can also trigger significant temperature variations in your windshield. The sunrays heat up the outer surface of the glass, but the inner layers remain relatively cooler. This temperature difference can create stress cracks within the windshield. Also, resist the urge to blast on the AC inside a hot vehicle. The drastic temperature change can shatter your auto glass and necessitate windshield repair. 
  • Existing Windshield Damage: If your vehicle windshield already has minor chips or cracks, the unrelenting sunrays can exacerbate the problem. The combination of heat and temperature changes can cause existing damage to spread and worsen. 
  • UV Radiation: UV (ultraviolet) radiation emitted by the sun poses a significant risk to your windshield. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can deteriorate the molecular structure of the windshield glass. This makes the windshield more vulnerable to damage, cracks, and chips from the slightest impact or road vibration.

Preventing Summer Windshield Damage

Staying proactive and taking suitable preventive measures in maintaining your windshield can minimize the sun’s harmful impact. 
Park in shaded areas: Try and park your vehicle in a shaded or covered area to reduce direct exposure to sunlight. This will also help minimize temperature fluctuations and UV radiation.
Use car sunshades: Invest in a quality sunshade for your windshield. When parked, place it inside the car to reduce the heat and UV rays reaching your windshield.
Go easy on the AC: Resist the temptation to blast the AC on maximum cooling when you enter the car. Open the windows to acclimatize the vehicle and let it cool down gradually. Adjust the air conditioning afterward to avoid extreme temperature changes and stress cracks. 
Window Tints: Protect your windshield from unnecessary UV damage and consequent windshield repair by opting for window tinting. It will also protect your vehicle interiors–no faded upholstery or hot steering feels. 
Inspect the windshield: Conduct periodic inspections for damage signs like cracks, chips, or pitting. Address minor issues promptly to prevent further damage and extensive windshield repairs.

Professional Windshield Repair with MRM Auto Glass

Don’t let the sun compromise your windshield! Safeguard your vehicle with expert windshield repair at MRM Auto Glass. Trust our certified technicians to assess your windshield and tackle sun-induced damage with flawless auto glass repair or replacement. Call MRM Auto Glass now to restore your windshield and drive safely with confidence again!

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