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How Long Until a Chip in Your Windshield Becomes a Crack

Posted in Windshield Repair, on December 22, 2023

We’ve all been there–a tiny chip in our windshield that we brush off as inconsequential. Yet, many of us fail to realize that these seemingly harmless windscreen chips can quickly transform into hazardous cracks, compromising our windshield’s structural integrity. A simple windshield repair task thus escalates into a situation where complete auto glass replacement is the only viable option. Delaying repairs will only cause the chip to splinter and form large cracks. If your busy schedule does not allow time for a ‘windscreen chip repair,’ contact the pros at MRM Auto Glass for convenient mobile repair. Meanwhile, join us as we delve into windshield repair, exploring how long it takes for a chip to become a crack and what steps can prevent the spread.

Step 1: Assess the Chip

How Long Until a Chip in Your Windshield Becomes a CrackThe first crucial step in preventing a windshield chip from evolving into a crack is to assess its size and location. A general rule of thumb advocates that chips larger than a quarter and those in the driver’s line of sight are more likely to progress into cracks and require windshield chip repair or replacement. Use this as a guide to determine the urgency of addressing the issue.

Step 2: Take Action

Once you’ve assessed the chip, get into damage control by stopping its progression. Apply transparent packing tape over the chip to shield it from dust and debris. Consider using an authentic windshield repair kit for minor chips. These kits are readily available and can effectively provide a temporary fix to prevent further cracks. However, larger or more critical chips warrant professional intervention to ensure comprehensive windscreen chip repair. 

Beyond the obvious dangers and illegality of driving with a cracked windscreen, safety should be your top reason for seeking prompt, professional repair. Professional auto glass companies like MRM have trained repair experts who can assess the damage and undertake appropriate windshield repair or replacement. 

Step 3: Understand the Time Frame

Timing is everything in windshield repair. The longer you wait, the higher the likelihood that a chip will evolve into a crack. On average, a neglected chip can start to spread within a few days. However, the timeframe can vary based on factors like exposure to extreme temperatures, prolonged sunlight, or driving on rough, bumpy roads. Awareness of these factors can help you gauge the urgency of addressing windscreen chips and cracks. Remember–you may not require complete windshield replacement when you choose MRM Auto Glass windshield chip repair and replacement service. 

Step 4: Prevent Future Chips

Proactive prevention measures can help safeguard against future damage. 

  • Avoid following large trucks too closely, as debris kicked up by their tires can lead to windshield chips. 
  • Whenever possible, choose shaded areas when parking. 
  • Prolonged exposure to direct sun rays can weaken windshield glass, making it more susceptible to damage.

Professional Windscreen Repair & Replacement at MRM Auto Glass

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