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Guide to Starburst Windshield Repair in Markham

Posted in Windshield Repair, on February 27, 2023

Markham’s synonymous with a rich heritage, planned infrastructure and a fast-paced suburban lifestyle. Dealing with damaged auto glass in Markham amid your busy life can be a downer. However, driving with a starburst windshield crack is risky and timely windshield repair is critical for safety. An efficient repair job will also prevent costly windscreen replacement. So, if you’ve got an unfortunate starburst crack, head over to MRM Auto Glass! 

Meanwhile, read up on the ultimate guide to repairing a starburst windshield!

Step 1: Responding to a Cracked Windshield

auto glass windshield repair MarkhamThe first step in fixing a cracked windshield is to identify the type of crack and assess the damage. The auto glass in Markham commonly incurs starburst, bullseye, floater, half-moon or edge cracks. If you’re unsure about the crack type, check out the MRM Auto Glass website blogs for detailed descriptions of windshield damage. A starburst windshield crack typically resembles a small explosion on the glass surface. Tiny thread-like cracks radiate outwards from a central point of impact. Windshield specialists at MRM Auto glass can inspect the damage to determine whether windshield repair is possible. 

Step 2: Choosing an Auto Glass Repair Service

Next, select a trusted service provider for windshield repair in Markham. Industry experience, reputation, workmanship, integrity, and customer convenience are critical. Look for a reputed workshop known for quality services, premium workmanship and positive customer reviews. The MRM Auto Glass team has dedicated and experienced professionals who go the last mile to ensure your safety and convenience. 

Step 3: Insurance

Before you finalize a service provider for auto glass in Markham, check whether they accept your insurance and will handle the insurance claim process for you. Well-connected auto glass services will work directly with your car insurance company to ensure that the windshield repair or replacement is covered under your policy.

Step 4: Replacement vs Repair

In some auto glass cases in Markham, a windshield may be highly damaged to be considered for repair. Replacement is the only option for starburst cracks over 6 inches or chips more extensive than a quarter. However, more minor cracks under half a foot can be considered for windshield repair. An experienced auto glass technician will carefully clean and bond the glass by injecting a bonding resin into the crack. Have a qualified MRM Auto Glass technician assess the damage and recommend an appropriate solution for your windshield woes.

Step 5: OEM vs Aftermarket Glass Replacement

You’ll need to choose between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) & aftermarket glass if your windshield needs complete replacement. OEM glass is provided by the same manufacturer as the original glass of your vehicle, while aftermarket glass is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer. Auto glass specialists recommend OEM glass as it precisely conforms to the safety standards of your car. Though aftermarket glass is less expensive, it may not meet the same quality standards as OEM glass.

Worry-Free Windshield Repair with MRM Auto Glass 

Windshield repair is an art that requires exquisite skill, auto-glass expertise, and attention to detail. That’s why MRM Auto Glass is your best bet for starburst cracks or other windshield damage in the GTA! We offer OEM and aftermarket windshield replacement options suited to your budget and preferences. With state-of-the-art equipment, top-tier materials, mobile repair, and qualified technicians, we’ll restore your windshield to its original charm! Choose MRM Auto Glass in Markham for all your windshield repair or replacement needs, and drive confidently. 

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