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Explore Common Types of Windshield Repair

Posted in Windshield Repair, on September 26, 2023

The windshield plays a crucial role in safeguarding you and upholding your vehicle’s structural integrity. Though a cracked windshield may seem like a minor inconvenience, it can be risky to neglect any damage. MRM Auto Glass is at the forefront of windshield repair in Vaughan, providing superior repair and replacement, including mobile windshield repair. Read on to understand common types of windshield damage and what it indicates.

Bull’s Eye Crack

mobile windshield repair VaughanThe bull’s eye crack is one of the most recognizable types of windshield damage. It resembles concentric rings or circles, similar to the ones on a target. This type of crack usually occurs due to the impact of small rocks or road debris when travelling at high speeds. While a small bull’s eye crack may seem harmless initially, it can spread and obstruct your view, increasing the risk of accidents. Bullseyes are typically repairable, provided their size is under 15 cm. Seek prompt and reliable windshield repair in Vaughan for this crack to prevent it from spreading and compromising your safety.

Chips in Windshield

Windshield chips or “pits” constitute the most prevalent type of auto glass damage. These chips occur when a small glass fragment dislodges from the windshield due to impact from rocks or pebbles on the road. A skilled technician can repair windshield chips, provided they meet specific criteria: 

  • They should not have accompanying longer cracks radiating from them.
  • The chip is less than an inch diametrically.
  • It has not penetrated the glass entirely. 

Choose MRM’s mobile windshield repair service to restore your windshield at your convenience. 

Star Break Cracks

A star break is characterized by a central point of impact with multiple cracks radiating outward, similar to a star shape. Such breaks are often caused by larger debris or rocks hitting the windshield. Left untreated, these cracks can expand and make your windshield more vulnerable to shattering upon further impact. Small star breaks can be repaired successfully, though there can be faint traces of damage post-repair. Professional windshield replacement from a reputed company like MRM Auto Glass can help retain your vehicle’s aesthetics and overall safety. 

Combination Break

A combination break involves a mix of different crack patterns on the windshield. It can include elements of bull’s eye, star, chips and partial bull’s eye cracks. Combination breaks often result from high-impact collisions, hail, or debris. Due to the combination of damage, windshield repair can be complex and challenging. Auto Glass experts usually recommend complete windshield replacement for combination breaks. 

Edge Crack

An edge crack typically forms along the outer perimeter of the windshield and can extend inward. Stress or pressure on the edges of the glass can lead to edge cracks on your windshield. Temperature fluctuations can exacerbate these cracks and impact the windscreen seal. An edge crack can also indicate structural issues with the windshield frame or improper installation. Due to safety risks, auto glass specialists usually recommend windshield replacement over repair for edge cracks. 

What to Do Until You Get Professional Windshield Repair 

  • Temperature Control: Refrain from using the air-conditioning or defrosting your windshield excessively to avoid sudden temperature fluctuations.
  • Avoid Rough Roads: Avoid driving on rough or uneven roads to prevent vibrations that worsen the damage.
  • Avoid Water Exposure: Do not hose down or wash your windshield–moisture can complicate the repair process.
  • Safety Concerns: If the damage significantly impairs your visibility, prioritize safety and refrain from driving the vehicle. Instead, consider MRM’s mobile windshield repair at your location.    

Prompt and reliable windshield repair in Vaughan is critical for your safety. It prevents further damage and potentially higher repair costs. Schedule an assessment with an MRM Auto Glass specialist to determine the extent of the damage and facilitate a timely repair. We’re committed to providing five-star auto glass services at transparent pricing that’s easy on your wallet! Call now for mobile windshield repair, or book an MRM service call! 

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