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Are Auto Glass Repair Services Different For Electric Vehicles?

Posted in Windshield Repair, on May 06, 2022

auto glass repair in newmarket for electric cars The past decade has seen a significant rise in electric vehicles. This adoption of green technology is a big plus for environmental conservation and savings on fuel and maintenance for the consumers. However, there are many differences between electric and fuel-powered vehicles, and they require specialized services for auto glass repair and windshield repair in Newmarket. Here’s how auto glass services for electric vehicles differ from conventional ones.

Auto Glass Repairs for EVs Can Be Challenging

The location and quantum of damage determine repairability in auto glass. While the same applies to electric and hybrid vehicles, there are many more restrictions and caveats for auto glass repair in Newmarket.

In a conventional fuel-powered vehicle, if the chip or crack is not too large or is not in the driver’s visual field, it can possibly be repaired. However, in an EV, even a minor crack or chip near the embedded sensors in the windshield can render it ineligible for repair. This is because the repair may hamper the sensor’s functionality and affect the working of the ADAS( Advanced Driver Assistance System)

EV Windshield Repair & Replacement Services—What’s Different?

Windshields for electric and hybrid vehicles are very different compared to traditional cars. These windshields deploy ADAS and AEB (Autonomous Electric Braking) technology, making it crucial to address windshield issues on priority. OEM glass for EVs costs much more than regular windshields as they have advanced technological features integrated into the auto glass. 

The windshield repair in Newmarket for EVs with ADAS will also require recalibration of the windscreen sensors and other tech systems. When an ADAS embedded windshield is replaced, there is a risk of misalignment. Thus the recalibration must be done by a certified technician using appropriate tools. The technician must ensure that the ADAS cameras are aligned and calibrated correctly. The cameras must be positioned precisely—every millimetre counts! Even if the camera setting is a couple of millimetres off, it will hamper the entire system. Millimetres off-centre could mean a misalignment of a couple of feet in the view of the front-facing camera. The ‘lane assistance’ or ‘lane departing functions’ could malfunction, causing hazardous driving conditions and potential collisions. 

Moreover, ADAS calibration is an expensive and time-consuming process which adds up to your service charges. The window channels on hybrid and electric vehicles are also different from traditional vehicles. Thus, the windows cannot be repaired off-site or in any run-of-the-mill repair shop and must be handled by auto glass specialists.

The Final Word

Electric and hybrid vehicles require specialized windshield replacement and auto glass repair in New Market than traditional fuel-powered vehicles. These services often take longer and cost more, but they are necessary to keep your electric vehicle running safely and smoothly.

No matter the type of vehicle, when you’re driving on the road, there’s always a chance that you may require auto glass replacement or windshield repair in Newmarket. If your electric, hybrid, or conventional car requires auto glass services, leave it to Team MRM Auto Glass! Our certified and experienced technicians are specialists in windshield repair, replacement, and ADAS recalibration. From sourcing the correct OEM glass and flawless installation to precise calibration, you know you can trust the pros at MRM! Contact us today for hassle-free auto glass repair and replacement for EV and hybrid cars of all makes & models!

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