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Are Your Wipers Why You Need Windshield Replacement?

Posted in Windshield Replacement, on November 29, 2022

Most windshield damage is caused by the usual culprits like road debris, pebbles, accidents, or extreme temperature changes. But did you know that faulty wiper blades can be the reason behind your needing auto glass repair or windshield replacement? Wiper blades play a vital role in keeping your windscreen clear and free of dust, heavy rain, sleet, and airborne debris. They facilitate an unobstructed view for a safe and effortless driving experience. However, as your wipers deteriorate with use, they could cause windshield damage and subsequent auto glass repair. 

Here’s how old and damaged wipers can lead to windshield replacement. 

1. Dropping the Wiper Blades on Glass

auto glass repairYes, you read that right! If you set those wiper blades down with force and negligence, you could end up with a windshield crack. This is more common during extreme winter—as the snow & ice settle on your car windshield, the glass becomes vulnerable to damage. We often lift the wipers up to prevent them from freezing and getting stuck on the windscreen. However, old wiper blades can become hard from use and the freezing cold. Slamming them down on the already-fragile auto glass can damage it. Always be careful and gentle while keeping the wiper blades down on the windshield. 

2. Scratching the Glass

Wiper blades are specifically designed to push against the windshield to clear it of dust and debris. Like all parts, the rubber edging of the wiper blades can get damaged or worn out. Using such damaged wiper blades can cause the exposed metal portion of the wiper blades to graze against the auto glass and cause scratches. If you continue using damaged wipers, you may soon require auto glass repair or a complete windshield replacement.  

3. Dry Scraping

Dry scraping is another type of damage caused by faulty windshield wipers. If you use the wipers to clean the windscreen without wiper-fluid or water, you may unintentionally scratch the windshield. Without the wiper fluid lubricating the glass, the wiper blades can pick up dust particles on the windshield and grind them across the glass. Friction from the dust particles and debris can cause tiny scratches on the auto glass, so never dry scrape your wipers. 

Check Those Wipers Regularly

Now that you know how faulty wiper blades can harm your windshield, ensure they are checked regularly and are in good condition. Check the rubber for wear and see that the wiper clips are correctly locked. Wiper rubber tends to wear out within 4-6 months, so replace them before they can cause damage. Preventive maintenance is better than future auto glass repairs!  

Stay on Top of Windshield Wiper Damage with MRM Auto Glass

Don’t wait to replace your damaged wipers or windshield—it is essential for your safety and others on the road. Get in touch with the specialists at MRM Auto Glass right away! Our trained technicians can inspect the glass and assess the extent of the damage. In some cases, surface damage can be addressed using professional auto glass repair and restoration techniques. However, extensive damage or deep scratches will require windshield replacement. You know you can count on MRM Auto Glass for fast, affordable, and flawless auto glass repairs, restorations, & complete windshield replacements. 

Connect with us to schedule an in-shop or mobile service today! 

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