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7 Factors that Cause Windshield Cracks to Spread

Posted in Windshield Repair, on June 21, 2022

When you're on the road and are caught off guard by a windshield chip, the minor looking damage may have you delay windshield repair in Newmarket. While that might be convenient, windshield chips and cracks can spread fast, further impairing visibility and safety. Wait too long, and you may require a complete windscreen replacement. If you need to stop cracks from spreading before auto glass repair in Newmarket, here are seven reliable tips from the experts at MRM. 

Moisture Invasion

auto glass repair NewmarketA cracked windshield is vulnerable to moisture invasion due to the multiple layers of glass. Moisture can get inside a crack and find its way between the layers of glass. This can cause the damage to spread when the water inside the crack freezes and expands during extreme winter. Undoubtedly, addressing windshield repair in Newmarket at the earliest is essential, especially in the cold winter months. 

Extreme Temperature Fluctuations

Exposure to extremes of temperature causes expansion and contraction of your auto glass. Direct sun exposure or below-freezing temperatures can cause the glass to expand or contract. This can cause the crack or chip in the windshield to grow and spread. This can also happen due to sudden temperature fluctuations caused by the car’s heater or air conditioner. If you can’t access auto glass repair in Newmarket right away, try and park your vehicle out in a covered area, away from the elements. 

Car Washes

Avoid commercial car washes if you have an untreated windshield crack or chip. Automatic car washes and pressurized hoses of do-it-yourself car washes can exert pressure and force moisture into the cracks. This can cause the damage to worsen. 

Driving on Bad Roads

Driving on bumpy, uneven roads and driving fast over speed bumps can further stress a cracked or damaged windshield. Putting off a windshield repair in Newmarket can aggravate damage and cracks/chips on the windscreen. 

Dust & Debris 

Dust and debris from the road are significant culprits for worsening windshield damage. When particulate matter or other debris gets into the crack, they can find their way inside the windshield layers. The debris can be almost impossible to remove and hamper windshield repair in Newmarket. Try using clear tape to seal the crack temporarily. However, it is best to contact an auto glass repair shop asap!

Slamming Doors 

If your vehicle has cracked auto glass, be cautious when closing the doors, hatch, trunk or hood. Vibrations from slamming the car door or boot can cause an existing crack or chip to spread out.

Windshield Wipers

While you’re awaiting a windshield repair in Newmarket, avoid using the windshield wipers as much as possible. Wiper blades can cause extra pressure on the windshield and scrape across the crack. Additionally, wiper fluid can get inside the crack or seep under the protective glass layers causing further damage. 

If your auto glass has developed cracks or chips, it is critical to schedule prompt repair or replacement for your safety. With mobile repair service, MRM offers convenient windshield repair in Newmarket that comes to you. Our trained technicians will repair or replace your auto glass with professional expertise at the most reasonable prices. As a premier auto glass company in Newmarket, we carry OEM glass and are affiliated with all major insurance companies. Don’t put off that windshield repair! 

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